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Boba Corgi Embroidered Face Masks - cloth mask

Kiwihen Design

Boba Corgi Embroidered Face Masks - cloth mask

$ 13.95

We will process all mask orders in the order they were received, please allow some time (estimate around 1-2 weeks depending on when your order was received) before your order is shipped out, thank you so much for your patience and understanding!

Please note these cloth masks are not medical grade and should not be treated as such. Please do not relax on social distancing or hand hygiene as wearing a cloth mask is not a replacement to any other ongoing preventive measures.

This listing is for 1 x cloth mask. Please pick the color and style option you would like.

About the masks:

‣ reusable⁣ and washable

‣ 3 layer mask:
outer layer: 100% cotton (black color masks) or 100% polyester (peach and blue masks)
middle layer: washable non-woven fabric
inner layer: 100% cotton

‣ metal nose bridge piece for a tighter seal

‣ pocket that allows for a filter (e.g. tissue, paper towels, coffee filter, hepa filter)

‣ comes with 2 x PM 2.5 filters⁣

‣ adjustable over-the-head elastic OR ear-loop elastic OR shoe lace tie

‣ elastic might be white for the peach and blue color masks, black for the black masks

‣ when folded in half: height 5.75" x width 5" (adult size)

‣ since the design is embroidered on, there may be some loose threads. Gently cut the loose threads with a pair of small scissors if there are any.

Notes: ⁣

‣ shoe lace tie’s color will be random (see listing picture above for potential color you might receive)⁣ - please send me a message or add a note to seller if you have a specific color in mind that you prefer, I will try my best to pack that one for you if it's available

‣ no returns or exchanges due to hygiene reasons⁣

How to care for your cloth mask: ⁣

‣ wash your mask before 1st use and after every use⁣

‣ before washing, make sure to remove any filter material that you have put inside the mask

‣ for hand washing:
- hand wash your mask using soapy cold water for at least 20 seconds

‣ for machine washing:
- put the mask in a laundry net bag or pillowcase first for protection
- wash on gentle cycle in cold water with detergent

‣ drying
- let air dry
- if you must tumble dry, use delicate mode and low heat
- avoid tumble dry in high heat as it may shrink the mask

‣ Ironing
- low temperature
- do not iron on the metal nose piece, the elastic, the shoe lace or on the artwork side directly
- iron on the pocket side

‣ wash your hands with soap for 20 secs before wearing your mask and after taking it off⁣

‣ make sure mask is worn on your face correctly, covering your nose, mouth and chin⁣

‣ do not touch your mask once you are out, make sure the fit is comfortable and correct before heading out⁣

‣ do not touch the inside or outside of the mask when taking it off, remove it gently by the ties or elastics. Make sure you do not touch your eyes, nose, or mouth

‣ do not remove your mask once you are out

‣ if you must remove it for eating or some other activity, wash your hands first, remove the mask gently by the ties or elastic, place it inside a clean paper bag, make sure the outside of the mask is not touching the inside of the mask to avoid cross contamination, and wash your hands again. It's best to have a second spare clean mask to change into instead if possible

Please note that there may be slight color differences between the product picture and the real product due to the different resolutions and graphic settings on our computers. Thank you for understanding!

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