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About Us

Hello! I am Janice and I am the owner and illustrator of Kiwihen Design. I have always loved drawing and collecting cute things since I was young. I have this chicken plushie (I call him chicken) that I have had since I was a baby and it is my inspiration and mascot of my brand Kiwihen Design. Chicken has been with me through ups and downs all these years. Every time I feel down, I would hug chicken and feel a lot better right away. Chicken is always here to remind me that everything will be okay. Chicken inspired me to design and make cute things for everyone. I had always hoped that one day I could design and make cute plushies that would bring joy and comfort to everyone, just like chicken does to me! 

I am a corgi and food lover and that is why the majority of my artworks revolve around corgis and food! We specialize in joyful corgi artworks. At times I would also draw chicken and other cute animal designs. I have been drawing a lot more chicken nowadays. He has officially become the side kick to many of my newer corgi designs. 

From design, to manufacture, to shipping fulfillment, I am the one who handle everything from start to finish. I have recently expanded to collaborate with my hand-picked manufacturers to work on plushies (my dream has finally come true!) and reliable partners to work on t-shirts and sweaters. 

My mission is to bring smiles and happiness to every one of you through my corgi designs and products!

Instagram: @kiwihen
Twitter: @kiwihenDesign
Facebook: @kiwihendesign